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So… 2.9.05

… this is what it’s like to have my own blog. I’ve made blogs for other sites before (the WRL and GTPlanet Insider), but never my own.

Um, I think that’s all for now. G’night! I’m all worn out from this week.


Anonymous ceiling_fan 2.11.05  

Congrats on starting a blog. i would, but I'm not famous enough! (in the world of GTP at least...)

Blogger Sage 2.11.05  

Pah, considering how little I’ve been posting lately, I’m surprised I haven’t been forgotten outright!

Anonymous Giles Guthrie 3.11.05  

Sage, your "feed" url doesn't appear to work. At least not on my RSS reader (RSSReader

Blogger Sage 3.11.05  

Did you try changing the beginning of the URL from feed:// to http://? feed:// works nicely for systems with autodiscovery, but I dunno if it borks dedicated RSS readers.

Anonymous Giles Guthrie 4.11.05  

Hmm. I'm sure I did that before, but now it's connected. Oh well.