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Resigning 18.10.05

Which is a nice way of saying Quitting. I’m quitting my gawd-awful job at the Tutoring Center. At the Tutoring Center, I did very little tutoring (eh?), and a lot more, uh, behavioral management. Lots of little kids who don’t get proper discipline – their parents are rich enough to just throw money at the problem. And I get paid $7.00/hour – that’s the starting salary at Wendy’s for cryin’ out loud! Plus, they make a killing off of us: the Center charges in excess of $35/hour for its services, and each tutor has to work with two kids at a time, so it only costs them $3.50/hour to actually teach the kids. Oh, and, the manager and head instructor are total assholes. So I have kids who are insolent little brats, administrators who are jerks, and the salary of an unskilled laborer.

Manager, meet resignation letter! Too bad there’s a two-week notification policy.

And then I’ll do lots of private tutoring, which I actually enjoy, and make $15.00/hour doing it. Hurray for options.


Anonymous Krabbé 30.10.05  

Oh God no.

Blogger Sage 30.10.05  

Who said anything about God?

Anonymous skip0110 31.10.05  

Yep, tutoring is the shiz. I get $20/hr under the table. Woo!