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I Ran 6.11.05

A half marathon today. I’m not even exactly sure why – one of my friends from the Cross Country team said he’d do it, so I decided to too. I took it very easy – 9-minute pace for the first five miles or so, 8-minute pace for the next five miles, and a rather fast pace leading into an all-out sprint for the last three miles. Turned out a 1:46, which isn’t particularly good, but I wasn’t really racing at all. For the first ten miles, I just hung with my friend, talking to him and such. A nice jog, you might say.

It’s going to take a while for my feet to recover though. And at around the 11 mile mark, my entire right leg fell asleep – at least I couldn’t feel any pain!

I think I’m going to do light running during Track season (I’m not officially registered for Track this year, but I’ll probably just run with the team), and then pick up cycling over the summer (or re-pick it up – anybody remember youth_cycler?). Running’s great and all, and I finally got my Varsity letter this year, but it’s not something I can continue indefinitely, lest I don’t mind the cartilage in my knees being completely destroyed by the time I’m forty. So, I think I’ll do cross-training – some cycling, some running, some walking – through college, and I probably won’t join a team (maybe a club, if I can find one).

So, my serious running days are probably over. Now I’ll just be a “casual” runner, which is fine by me. After all, shouldn’t sports be fun?