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Living in the Sticks 12.2.06

Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not.

On Friday night, our well sprung a leak in the bottom, and released 5000 gallons of water overnight. We went without water for most of Saturday, and this (Sunday) morning I had to dig several trenches so that we could set up a temporary water line from the pump to two trashcans (they’re our new wells) to the house. I just finished digging a while ago, and now my dad’s hacking everything together.

Major suckage.


Blogger Sage 13.2.06  

Oh. My. Gawd. You will not believe this.

So today, all of us were away from the house. My dad and I both got home around 3:30 PM. My dad filled up the backup tanks, but noticed that right away the water level in them started to fall rapidly, even though there was nobody in the house to use water. He checked out a little offshoot faucet that’s connected to the line, and noticeed that the dirt around it is soft. He dug up the dirt, and wholly hell there’s a hose spliced into the line through an underground T pipe!

There’s a small road on our property that’s beneath our hill, and he noticed that the hose went down the hill and across the road, and saw a backpack down there with some tools in it, then he saw a couple Mexicans with baggies.

He called the sheriff. Two hours later (!), they came, and we had them drive down the road. (We weren’t willing to go down there beforehand, in case the men were armed). So we all went down the road, and the hose was still there, as were the tools. It looked like the guys were just starting to get this deal set up: they covered the portion of the hose that was running down the hill, and were just about finished digging a trench across the road so that they could bury the hose, and had another roll of hose that they were obviously going to connect and run down the length of the mountain.

So, chances are good that somebody was trying to tap into our well to run a marijuana garden.

The worst part is that we’re almost positive they are our neighbor’s Mexican workers, but we have no proof. They left without a car, which means it had to be somebody “local”, and the only other people within miles of here are those guys. Also, we lost the most water during two times periods, both when everybody in the house was gone, so they must’ve been watching us.

Unbelievably crazy shit.

Anonymous Blake 13.2.06  

That’s definatly more entertaining than usual. Quite a crazy story, though.

Any details on what happened (will happen?) to the Mexicans?

What did the police think of it?

Anonymous Sage (Ram-Rod from GTP, this is my nickname.) 13.2.06  

Gosh. That way more entertaning to read than I'd expected. Sounds bad to.

Blogger Sage 13.2.06  

Any details on what happened (will happen?) to the Mexicans?

What did the police think of it?

We have no proof that the Mexican workers did it, so we can’t do anything about it (can’t get a warrant to search their stuff). The best we can hope for is that they’ll decide to never do it again.

The police were basically thinking the same thing as we were (actually, the officers were the ones who pointed out that it almost couldn’t be anybody else, since they had to get away on foot).

Sage: How’d you get that as a nickname? You must have weird friends.

Blogger Sage 13.2.06  

Here’s a picture to help visualize the situation a little bit better.

Anonymous Sage (Blake is joining the bandwagon) 13.2.06  

Wow, this is getting confusing.

Anonymous Duke (Not Sage) 14.2.06  

Wow! That is some a-weird a-stuff, to quote Johnny Carson. That kind of event can just creep you out. And piss you off, too.

Anonymous Hayden (Missed The Bandwagon) 14.2.06  

No water, that's harsh! I would've thought beyond your well, you might've had a storage tank somewhere, unfortunately not :/.

Where I used to live, there were the usual runaway goats, sheep, and horses— oh and helicopters replacing power pylons (yes I know pylons are unsightly), but your Mexican weed episode totally whacks them out!

Hope you can get everything sorted out now, at least they provided their own tools...

Anonymous Sage (ram-rod) 15.2.06  

Nah. I had it awhile back and then it became my GTP name. Then I saw you at GTP and that made me rember it..

Anonymous Giles Guthrie (not even any other kind of herb) 16.2.06  

I hope you dumped a load of Roundup down their special pipe...

Blogger Sage 16.2.06  

Well, looks like this whole incident is going to cost us – when they ran the well dry, it damaged the head of our water pump, so it’s going to be about $300 to replace it. Bah.

Blogger Blake 16.2.06  

Damn, now where did that $340 go?