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Mazda 3 25.2.06

Well, we finally got it. Here’s the GTP thread I made. So happy!


Anonymous Anonymous 17.3.06  

Hey Sage,
I saw your post on the site. I ended up getting exactly the same car.
I mean 2006 Mazda3 S, grey, manual transmission. It was only available with side air bags too.
I also have got the cargo mat and net. I just wish I could have gotten the lip spoiler, it makes it look so much better.

I don't actually have it yet. It coming in a few days and I can't wait.

Do you mind posting any other things you notice about the car. Maybe even some maintainence tips?
How do you like the seats?
I loved the quality of the fabric, but do you think it would have been better in just black?
Is the car really a nice high quality grey, or the dull kind of grey?
Does dust show up on it too much, cause I wanted the silver? How's the shifting?
I wanted to get the autodimming rear view mirror, because the one that comes with it seems very cheap.
Hows the sound quality? Do you find it easy to use the steering wheel controls?

Please say as much as you can about it, thanks.

Blogger Sage 20.3.06  

I love the seats – the intertwined red stuff is a bit cheesy, but my butt’s covering it, so I don’t care too much. The lateral support is so great though, and as you said, the quality is really nice.

The “grayness” kinda depends on the weather – on a cloudy or rainy day it’s a little dull, but it looks fabulous on sunny days, because the sun really brings out the purple in it.

I can’t really comment on dust, since it’s been raining here ever since I got mine (I will say though that dust shows up pretty badly in the black interior, and watch your shoes so you don’t scuff things up).

The shifting is brilliant. The gate to move to fifth is kinda long (I missed a 5–4 downshift the first time I drove it), but you get used to that; otherwise it’s just about perfect. You can practically feel the cogs engaging, and there’s no “rubbery” feeling at all. Be a little careful with the clutch though, because the catch point is high (at least compared to other cars I’ve driven), which means you’ll probably lurch out from stoplights the first week or so.

The mirror works well enough for me. ;-) I never use the dimmer anyway.

I can’t comment on the sound quality, since I’m no audiophile, but it sounds just fine to me. The steering wheel controls are very handy and very easy to use – I use them so much that sometimes I forget how to use the controls on the center console.

Hope you enjoy your new baby. :-)