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I Found a Bug 11.3.06

No, not software, but an insect (actually, “bugs” are technically insects under the Order Hemiptera, but you probably could care less). See:

A Ceanothus Silkmoth resting on my hand

I’m pretty sure it’s a Ceanothus Silkmoth (Hyalophora Euryalus), which I was surprised to find here (I thought they lived farther north). Silly thing was banging on the windows screens – I had to wait about half an hour to get this picture, when it was cold enough that the moth started to calm down. By the way, it doesn’t look very big in the pic, but its wingspan is about as big as my hand.


Anonymous Ram-Rod 15.3.06  

Hmmm, it looks sort-of a butterfly. Nice job finding it. Oh, and happy birthday. I coudln't resist!

Anonymous Matt 16.3.06  

Wow, that's quite impressive there, Mr. Olson. Very beautiful for a moth!