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Decision 2006 28.4.06

Starting September 2006, I will be attending the University of California – San Diego to study Bioengineering: Biotechnology.

Geisel Library

In the end, academics won out. Out of the three colleges I had to choose from, SD has, by far, the best biotech program, and even though it’s the costliest school for me, I think it might actually give me the greatest value education-wise. And hey, I’ll have nearly beach-front property.

Anyway, exciting chapter in my life, as you can figure out. San Diego, here I come!


Anonymous keef 2.5.06  

Congrtulations, man! I think San Diego is the one I liked, right? I can't remember. I declined a big college experience--I could've easily gone to Wright State University or University of Dayton, even Ohio U, or Xavier, University of Cincinnati, all sorts of colleges. I don't have the grades, because I got lazy, but I have the smarts to attend all of 'em. Anyhow, I decided to go to Sinclair, the local community college (which is pretty good, actually) and partake in their Industrial Design program. I like it in high school, so I figured I'd be happy with it as a carreer, especially when it gets complicated. I'm not really feeling architecture, though, since ot got pretty boring in school. You just look at the same drawing everyday for months until you get it finished. And it doesn't look very cool, either, which is something complex mechanical drawings definitely have on their side.
Now you know what 'm going to do, and I know what you're going to do. So maybe you can start working on a drug that cures laziness, so my kids don't succumb to Senioritis. Then send some money because you'll probably be making $50,000+ more than me. But that's okay, because I despise bio-logy and related fields.
So now what are you going to blog about?

Blogger Sage 2.5.06  

Ooh boy, I’d really like to be in your shoes – I wanted to be an architect for a long time, and I especially wanted to study industrial design (Johnathan Ive is my hero), but I have a terrible inability to put my thoughts into drawings – my hands just don’t do what my mind wants.

Definitely consider a career in ID if you have the knack of it – almost everybody underestimates the power of design, which is a damn shame.

So now what are you going to blog about?

Funny that you post that just now, right when I made my new post. Weird!

Anonymous TM 5.5.06  

Well done Sage, they'll be lucky to have you. May I wish you every success in this extremely exciting and promising period in your life!