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Interest Check 2.5.06

I was going to continue my post about Gauge Clusters, but I’m not sure if anybody cares (or is even reading this), so I’m just posting up an interest check before I spend three hours doing a writeup.


Anonymous keef 3.5.06  

Pick me, pick me! i READ! i COMMENT! I accidentally click the caps lock button while I'm typing! Hey, I'm just getting used to this laptop thing. Anywho, I'd like to see more of your gauge cluster philosophies.

Anonymous Blake 3.5.06  

I actually found it pretty interesting. And I’ve actually been paying a lot more attention to guage clusters since then.

I need a life. :-P

Blogger Sage 3.5.06  

Okay, two people are enough for me (I’m easily satisfied, no?). I won’t get to it till Friday evening though, because right now I have a shitload of work (the inevitable “AP Cram” – teachers start cramming in everything right before AP tests, which are this week and next week).

Anonymous skip0110 5.5.06  

Good luck on the AP's , Sage. Having that credit is really nice going into college.

Blogger Sage 5.5.06  

Too bad most of it is stuff I’m not going to transfer anyway. ;-) I definitely won’t be transferring my AP Calc or Mechanical Physics credits (I’ve all but forgotten everything in calc, because I haven’t taken math this entire year, and I don’t think I have a solid understanding of physics), and I might or might not transfer my AP Bio credits.

I will be transferring my AP English credit though – 8 units taken care of. And if I pass my AP Gov test on Tuesday, then I’ll definitely transfer those credits.

Dammit, should’ve taken more AP history classes.

Anonymous Anonymous 22.5.06  

I cares. Very interesting, more interesting then I thought gauge clusters could be.
Or maybe Im just bored.
Anywayz good job;)
--Rogue SSV

Anonymous Anonymous 22.6.06  

nice article-- i've always been interested in the rx-8, but miss the analog speedo!
cheers & thanks.