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Recent Animal Pictures 10.7.06

Just a few pics taken within the last few months.

Snowy Raccoons

In mid-March, the biggest snowstorm we’ve ever seen moved through (remember, this is southern California, where snow is about as rare as finding a virus on a Mac). The raccoons didn’t seem to mind though, and ate their dinner as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Two Foxes

Here are Mommy fox and her mate (well, at least we think he’s her mate – he’s the only fox I’ve ever seen who hasn’t tried to steal food from her). He seemed to be more interested in the chaparral though.

A Visitor

Here we have a visitor who decided to drop by in the early afternoon. The raccoons seem to just suddenly appear from the cliff (behind the black fence), and we’ve yet to figure out where any of them live.


Well, Meanie (given that name because she’s about the most anti-social thing ever) gave birth a couple weeks ago. She was in labor at our house, but finally went off in the woods to give birth. Two nights ago she finally brought the little ones for us to see. I was in the dining room, and heard something rustling outside – when I opened the door, I heard a high-pitched brrrr noise, and knew instantly that she’d brought her babies. It’s a very distinctive noise that’s very difficult to describe, but if you close your mouth, then force air out to make your lips flap while at the same time making a high-pitched noise in the back of your throat, you get the general idea. Anyway, she finally brought the little boogers, although they didn’t stay around very long (mainly because there was a large male raccoon eating at the food dish, which of course will make a mother raccoon very nervous, even though this particular male is a harmless bumbler).


Anonymous Andrew 28.7.06  

So what in the hell do you feed racoons?

Anonymous Anonymous 4.8.06  

What dyou mean 'what in the hell do you feed raccoons?' Raccoons will eat anything. They probably eat last week's trash.
Sage, I didnt know there were raccoons in SoCal.

Nice pictures :tup:

Anonymous keef 11.10.06  

Yeah, nice pictures and nice cliff. I enjoy cliffs in a backyard. And I tried that sound, but everyone turned and looked because I did it as I read, which was in class. Oops.
And no, Raccoons don't eat anything. Asses eat anything. Raccoons only eat the "good stuff".