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Forty Six Years 22.11.06


Anonymous Blake 22.11.06  

Pillow Pal – another reason not to break into the average American household at night.

Anonymous Keef 30.11.06  

Yeah, that Pillow Pal was great. I have one, actually. Pause. Not!

I really wouldn't mind having an old Falcon though. What a car! The thing looks totally modern compared to the Galaxie and the Funderbird, too. I'll take mine in white, just like the commercial.

How do those Indians not die?! We americans must be complete idiots if we need rules and still screw up as often as we do. If the governemnt let us drive like that I would sit at home, and nobody else would really get very far. They'd just sit there flashing theor lights, telling the other person to go. Then they'd both go at the same time, etc. You know how it is. I have a newfound respect for Indians. They're good.

Blogger Sage 13.12.06  

Thailand, though not quite as bad, is somewhat similar – I hate riding in a car through Bangkok (especially in a taxi). The odd thing is that I’ve never seen an accident there – I mean, not only have I never seen an accident happen, but I’ve never seen the remnants of an accident or been in a traffic jam due to an accident. Bizarre.