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News ’n’ Things 15.11.06

Well, I’ve neglected this poor site long enough. I’ve given it a refreshening (okay, a whole makeover), and I’m also going to introduce a change in how I approach posts. Instead of limiting my posts to long-winded babbling, I’m going to split my posts 50-50 between long-winded babbling and linked lists – which, if you’re not familiar with, are just posts with links to interesting sites or articles. I really like reading other people’s linked lists, so I hope I can contribute a little myself, plus hopefully it will make the site a bit less stagnant (or at least create that illusion). Without further ado:Well, that’s about it for now. Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous 16.11.06  

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Anonymous tabs 20.11.06  

I love the typography at the top of the page, pretty slick. And I actually saw that clip of the sneezing panda a while back; it still cracks me up every time, though.

Good to see you posting again, Sage.

Blogger Sage 20.11.06  

Thanks! :-)

And yeah, I love that video snippet – it’s so cute and so funny at the same time.

Anonymous Blake 20.11.06  

Aha! The blog is alive again. Nice job with the layout, it’s quite pretty.

Someone obviously isn’t doing enough work at university. ;-)

I hope you actually keep it updated this time.

Blogger Sage 22.11.06  

Oh, I will. :-) Now I just have to decide how often (too often turns off people, too little turns off people).

Anonymous Keef 30.11.06  

Wow, I love the look, Sage. It's cleaner, though I miss your nifty chemical thing. And I dig your new link routine.
You know, I must've stared at the Zune picture for a good 5 minutes, which means that Microsoft got it right. Or maybe it means I need to get laid. Wut?

Blogger Sage 13.12.06  

Thanks. :-) I miss the DNA molecules too, but it was time for a change.