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Physically Possible? 25.11.06

Something’s not quite right… (aside from the freaky body-less legs).


Anonymous Blake 27.11.06  

Hey man, you don’t see Australian’s making fun of your signs!

Mind you, you can always tell at a glance what that sign means.

Isn’t it a bit early for the Christmas decorations?

Blogger Sage 27.11.06  

Would it kill them to make the skid marks go the right way though? ;-)

As for the holiday decor, if the malls can start right after Thanksgiving, why can’t I? :-D

Anonymous TABS 28.11.06  

The local radio stations have already started playing holiday music. They're at least 2 weeks early, at least.

Anyway, check this out Sage. You'll probably like it: LogoPond

Anonymous Blake 1.12.06  

I found out about LogoPond a few months ago, it’s a pretty cool concept but I’ve never really had a good look at it.