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Customer Service 14.12.06

So today I went to the barber – the same one I’ve been going to for the past four years or so. As I’m getting my hair cut, this really old man walks in, and heads to the one lady barber (who didn’t have a customer at the time), and says something to the effect of “I came in here last week to cut my hair cut – it was one of the worst haircuts I’ve ever had in my entire life. Now, I want you to prove that you people can do it right by fixing my hair.” Very condescending to her, even though she probably wasn’t the one who had “ruined” his hair.

And I started thinking: Wow, I’d never do that! If I ever got a bad haircut, I’d do one of two things: 1) Tell the barber what’s wrong, and have it fixed on the spot, or 2) If it’s unfixable, I wouldn’t give a tip, and wouldn’t come back again. Regardless, I’d never do what that old guy did.

While I was working as a cashier at Sears, one thing I noticed was that old fogeys were generally more demanding than younger people. Not always – some of them were the nicest people you could ever meet – but more often they were grumpy and if we didn’t have exactly what they wanted they’d be upset.

Does that mean customer service was different back then? Or are they just like that because they’re jaded? Maybe it’s a combination of the two?

Anyway, I just wanted to write this down, because I was genuinely shocked that he demanded something be done after the fact. Going back to a barbershop to demand that they fix my hair is just a concept that I’d never even think of, much less carry out, yet he had no problem doing so.


Anonymous TABS 21.12.06  

He was abused as a child.