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Illness’s Ways 1.12.06

Next week is finals week. Half of my suite has a cold. I want to get a flu shot.

They will, presumably, get better by next week – if I catch it next week, I’m screwed for finals.

If I get a flu shot, that might temporarily weaken my immune system just enough to get a cold.

If I don’t get a flu shot, I could catch the flu.

I better stick to vitamin C pills and washing my hands constantly.


Anonymous Keef 1.12.06  

Well, it sounds like you're I quite the predicament. None of my friends have a cold or the flu at the moment, and I haven't had flu for years. Is it really that crowded in your dorm, that when one person gets sick everyone gets sick? That's crazy.

Blogger Sage 5.12.06  

Well, I caught one of their colds. Damn.