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IE (not That Is) 23.10.05

I have no clue how this site’s design fares in IE6/Windows (and I can’t check from school, because their damn proxy server has everything under the sun blocked) – if somebody could send me a screenshot, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

I love how it’s 10 o’clock on a Sunday night, and I still haven’t started my homework. Forget weight-loss pills: what we (we as in we people in general) need are anti-procrastination pills!


Blogger Blake 24.10.05  

Haha – Sage has a blog… *ahem*

Ummm, it looks fine in IE except main content, navigation, and bloggerButton divs should be moved up 1em in IE…

(I have no idea if this thing hates strong and em tags so I’m just being safe and using b and i like they suggest)

Blogger Sage 24.10.05  

So, are you basically saying that the gap below the black stripe (“A compilation of…”) is too big?

And yeah, Blogger will probably barf on anything other than b, i, and a; I really can’t stand Blogger, but they offer free webhosting in addition to the free software, so what the hay…

Blogger Blake 25.10.05  

Yeah, there is too much padding under the black stipe, and not enough underneath the Blogger button.

(Don’t say bad things about Blogger in your blog—if they read it they’ll find you and shave one of your eyebrows off while you sleep)

…ignore me.

Blogger Sage 26.10.05  

Crud. Sometimes I think IE’s glitches were put in as sick jokes from the developer team – I mean, what the hell is this?!

Blogger Blake 26.10.05  

The hell?! How does that happen? I mean … that’s just confusing!

How can IE be so inept at comprehending code?

Anonymous Hayden 29.10.05  

What happened to the obligatory ask Hayden for an IE screenshot?

Blogger Sage 29.10.05  

Fine, if you want me to bug you every two hours, that can be arranged… :-D

Anonymous Hayden 29.10.05  

I could manage three hours, two is probably pushing it, just a bit. Oh and what's with this grunge green colour, it better not be called Sage!

Anonymous Ram Rod 29.10.05  

Cool. Sage has a blog. So do I. I'll check every time I can.

Blogger Blake 29.10.05  

“Oh and what's with this grunge green colour, it better not be called Sage!”

Haha! *insert ROFLMFAOSMIH smiley here*

Blogger Sage 30.10.05  

Heh, no, it’s not. ;-) I just happen to really like this shade of green.

Speaking of that though, I had a kid at The Tutoring Center who kept insisting that the definition of Sage is “green”. When I showed him a dictionary and read off the definition (wise man and a type of brush), he got mad at me.

Anonymous Giles Guthrie 2.11.05  

Didn't find a definition for "type of brush", got the herb and the wise guy, plus an adjective based on same. But no brush.

I think that there is a scandal here. What is this brush of which you speak?

Blogger Sage 2.11.05  

Not a paintbrush, Giles. ;-) I dunno about elsewhere in the world, but in America brush is a synonym for shrubs and undergrowth.