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College Apps – Check! 28.11.05

Well, there’s some weight off my shoulders – I’ve just submitted my college apps. All of them were for University of California schools; tuition fees are about $6k–$8k there (versus $25k–$40k for private colleges or out-of-state fees on public colleges), which is about what my parents can comfortably afford (there’s no sense in me getting chest-high in debt before I even graduate).

I applied to Irvine, San Diego, Davis, and Berkeley. The first reaction I get from most people when I rattle off the names in that list is “Ooh, Berkeley!”, but I actually have very little… incentive to go to Berkeley – I mostly applied just because I can, and because of family pressure (I have four family members with Engineering degrees from Berkeley). But, Berkeley just comes off as too, too precious for me (and don’t get me started on the ugly muddle of architecture there).

Actually, the most ironic thing (to most people) is that my first pick is Davis, even though it’s the lowest-ranked amongst those four. Why Davis? It’s the bike capital of America (hurray!), it has a massive Engineering program, it’s a small college town (I am so not the party type) with friendly locals and supposedly some of the friendliest and most humble students out of the UC system, and I’ve love to minor in Entomology, Davis being the only UC campus to offer that degree. Davis just rocks on so many levels, and I think I’ll fit in perfectly.

I’ve thrown in the application to San Diego because their science programs have really catapulted in the last decade or so, and I’m applying to Irvine only because I’ve already been guaranteed a spot there. If you’re in the top 4% of high school students in California, you acquire Eligibility in the Local Context status, which means that you’re guaranteed into at least one UC school; every year that one school is always Irvine, because nobody wants to apply there. So, I’ve only applied to it as the ultimate “safety”, since, well, I’m basically already in. I really don’t want to have to resort to going there though – it’s a rather unspectacular suburban school that isn’t known for anything in particular except for lousy parking and being 50% Asian (yes yes, I am Asian too, but who said I’d be comfortable in that kind of unbalanced environment?).

So, anyway, Davis is my target, and seeing how it’s the easiest one on my list to get into (and it has a 97.8% acceptance rate for ELC students), I am hopefully on my way there. Oh, and, I have a half-sister who lives there, so I’ll be able to see her for the first time in a long while.

Now it’s just a waiting game – March is when the acceptance (or rejection!) letters come out.


Blogger Blake 29.11.05  

Congrats, and good luck.

And stop trying to get some comments in your one comment-less post! ;)

So when do you have your final exams? IIRC – you said you didn’t have them for all subjects, though…right?

Anonymous Giles Guthrie 29.11.05  

OOh, the < acronym > tag. Loving it! Shame it doesn't work so well in IE (the UC acronym doesn't show up, and it's not differentiatable as a hover zone).

Good luck on getting accepted!

Blogger Sage 29.11.05  

And stop trying to get some comments in your one comment-less post! ;)

Damn, caught me! :-D

So when do you have your final exams? IIRC – you said you didn’t have them for all subjects, though…right?

Well, finals for this semester is the week of December 12th. Are you talking about final finals?

I won’t have a final exam in Cross Country (of course), nor in AP Lit. I will probably have a final in AP CS, and on this Friday, I will be starting my final lab for Honors Microbio – our teacher will give each set of lab partners a petri dish containing two unknown bacteria, and we have to isolate and identify each type by the end of the semester. Should be fun.

OOh, the < acronym > tag… Shame it doesn't work so well in IE…

I probably could use some Javascript to get it working, but it’s not exactly a life-threatening issue.

Congrats, and good luck.
Good luck on getting accepted!

Thank you, and thank you! :-)

Blogger Blake 29.11.05  

Instead of:
acronym[title]:after { content: "*"; color: #cbc4b4; }
acronym[title]:hover:after { color: #898178; }

Couldn’t you fake it by using a background image that has two different coloured asterisks – one hidden from view until it is hovered over?

acronym {
background: url(…);

acronym {
background url(…) 0px -10px;

Mind you, you’d still have the hover problem in IE, but at least there’ll be an asterisk to bring attention to the acronym…

Blogger Blake 30.11.05  

That should be:
acronym {
background: url(…);

acronym:hover {
background url(…) 0px -10px;


Blogger Sage 30.11.05  

I could, and I certainly considered it before I settled on the generated-content approach, but I’m a big proponent of MOSe (Mozilla/Opera/Safari enhancement), meaning that I give IE the basics, a workable page, then do little “niceties” for the browsers that support them.

In other words, having a “tag” for the acronym is something that I don’t consider necessary at all (note that I follow the standard writing convention of writing out the full acronym the first time it shows up, then using the acronym from then on – you don’t have tooltips in printed media!), so I don’t want to invest effort into a hack-ish way of doing it.

Blogger Blake 1.12.05  

I agree with that principle – but alot of the time you have to give your biggest audience some thought, too.

Though, I’m sure IE would hardly be your biggest audience. :-P

Anonymous Giles Guthrie 6.12.05  

Though, I’m sure IE would hardly be your biggest audience. :-P

Yes, far more interesting than the raw stats about browser installations is the demographic as to who is using which browser to access which site.

My own place, for example, is doubtless atypical in that IE is not the dominant browser:

Mozilla 44.63%
Internet Explorer 39.47%
Google Robot 4.08%
Netscape 3.15%
Yahoo Robot 2.54%
Safari 2.37%
MSN Robot 1.54%
Konqueror 1.11%
Alexa Robot 0.52%
Opera 0.25%
Scooter Robot 0.14%
Ask Jeeves Robot 0.10%
IBM Almaden Robot 0.04%
Java 0.02%
Lynx 0.02%

That's for the whole of 2005. I'm guessing that Safari is Sage!

Blogger Sage 6.12.05  

Well, maybe Duke too, since I think he uses Safari when browsing from home.

Boy, Google sends out the ’bots quite often, don’t they?

Anonymous Andrew 7.12.05  

Even having the option to go to Berkeley is pretty awesome. Congrats and good luck!